Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Social Media is to CIgarettes as....

Necessity  of doing extra crap. For the up and coming writer doing a bunch of garbage that is not writing is now pretty much required.  Nine times out of ten I would rather be writing, but now I have to divide my time between social networking, establishing a platform on social media and trying to keep up with at least three other projects for me. 

I like being busy, but in all honesty some of the stuff I have to do try and build a career in writing I would rather not do. I would rather be writing. I am pretty sure we all would.  This is not about griping about something I cannot change.  I fully admit that I cannot change this and that it is better to accept that change and try and roll with it. 

But accepting is easy to talk about, much harder to do. Changing yourself in general is extremely hard to do. Everyone talks  about wanting to do something different and wanting to be different in some way. Well maybe not everyone but most people.  Better career, better shape, more money, advanced in your career. All of these are things people will usually want one of. But achieving it is hard because we as people like routines. Routines are easy. They aren’t scary because you know exactly want to expect. I think that is one reason some people don’t like to go to the doctor. The doctor may tell you that you have to change something about yourself. 

And when you are used to doing something like drinking soda, or eating pizza on a certain night of the week we don’t want to have to do that. That is one part of that makes cutting down on actual addictive substances like cigarettes (or tobacco ion general) so hard. 

My step dad is going through all the fun of quitting tobacco and my mom is getting to enjoy every minute of that lovely experience. 

As a former smoker one of the hardest times to not have a cigarette was when I was bored. There was a time that if I was bored and near a door I would duck outside and have a smoke. Even worse after dinner, or on long drives. I never developed the smoking after sex thing because if done right neither of you really have the energy nor the motivation to get out of bed, off the floor, etc. I have been non smoker for the better part of ten years (with the exception of a six months when I went through a very sad period in my life) and I sincerely liked it. But I knew I had to change. It was not easy. Was not the hardest thing to do in my life, but was also not the hardest. 

It was change. It was unpleasant. It was something I have to do. So I guess that is my overall analogy to what new authors have to do when building a platform. It is not easy, not always pleasant, but something you just have to do.


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