Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Priorities and Writing

When it comes to writing I have figured out all about priorities. Now I don’t mean life priorities. Family should always have a place, and having the ability to pay your bills, and be healthy. But rather I have finally figured out my priorities in what to write. 

Some people have writers block. I have the opposite problem. I have a list of over one hundred different novels, short stories, plays, screenplay, etc. So while some struggle with having nothing to write, I struggle with wanting to write every damn thing at the same time. And for a long time I really did try. 

That was foolish. That was incredibly foolish. I would get overwhelmed and then I would write nothing. Or I would end up putting my writing off for a day or two and try to write a massive word count in a single day which would result in becoming frustrated when something came up and I couldn’t even get half of my goal reached. 

This is an issue. Well this was an issue. It took soul searching and reading one or two blogs by writers I respect for me to finally get my shit together. 

I have even adopted slow blogging, a concept Anne R. Allen promotes. After all what kind of writing do I wish to do? The blog should be in service to my writing, not the other way around. That is unless my goal is to become a blogger. And in all honesty it is not. 

Now I can focus on one item, get that done and then focus on the next. So this month I am focusing on a novel. A fantasy novel that will take place in a world I have been working on for longer than I care to admit. 

Next month it will be on something else, plus a thirty day break from the fantasy novel so I can go back and edit it anew. 

 I will also look for a way to make this blog a bit more focused. A bit more relevant to what I am writing. It took me a long time to get to this point in my attempt at a profession, a point where I have enough insight to see my bad habits and how they hurt me. Applying this to my blog should be easy enough. Or not. 

Only time will tell. 

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